Tips to Keep Your Beard Healthy During Winters

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Winter Beard

Uh oh! Perth winters got your beard feeling a bit grumpy? Here’s how to fix it!

Winter can be harsh on your beard; the cool air blows in and your beard suddenly feels dry and scratchy.

But, no worries, fellow beardos! Barber Nation has got you covered.

We’ve compiled a guide that brings you 7 winter beard care tips specifically for Perth’s mild climate. From dryness defence to keeping your beard healthy through the chillier months, these expert tricks will have your beard looking and feeling epic all season long. No more itch and dryness, just a comfy, awesome beard that looks great!

Let’s explore how:

7 Expert Tips for Beard Care in Winter

1. Shampoo Less Moisturise More

Just like your skin, your beard needs more moisture in winter, not less.  Instead of shampooing every day, cut back to twice a week. But don’t forget to rinse your beard daily with just water to remove any dirt or sweat. If you wash it, use a quality beard wash. You can choose from our best beard wash options:

They gently cleanse your beard without stripping natural oils, leaving it fresh and hydrated.

And when you do shampoo, look for one that’s sulphate-free (these can dry out your beard) and doesn’t contain any silicones that can build up and make it even drier.

Moreover, to moisturise your beard, use products specifically formulated for beards, such as American Crew Beard Balm. This balm helps moisturise both your beard and the skin underneath, preventing dryness and flakiness.

Pro Tip: You can also use beard-specific moisturisers that contain natural ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, and argan oil. These ingredients provide deep hydration and nourishment.

Here’s come another friend – Conditioner.  It’s a big drink of water that your beard needs. Use a beard-specific conditioner at least 3-4 times a week, even on days you skip the shampoo. Get one with the same natural ingredients mentioned above – these will keep your beard soft and nourished all winter long.

2. Don’t Wash Your Beard with Hot Water

We all love a hot shower to chase away the winter chills, but hold your horses, beard buddies! Steaming hot water is the enemy of your winter beard. Here’s why:

Hot water washes away the natural oils that keep your beard soft and healthy. It’s like stripping away its natural defence against dryness. Remember, Perth winters are already dry, and hot showers just make it worse. This leaves your beard feeling brittle and looking like a tangled mess.

So, after washing, apply Proraso Beard Oil Wood & Spice. This oil not only nourishes your beard but also adds a subtle, warm fragrance perfect for winter. Thus, for a healthy and stylish beard this winter, get warm showers instead. It would be best for your beard and your skin as well.

3. Use The Right Beard Care Products

There are two more essentials of winter beard care – beard oil and beard balm.

A good beard oil not only hydrates your beard but also adds a healthy shine and reduces itchiness. It locks in moisture and protects your beard against harsh winter elements. It’s best if you prefer beard oils to have ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba oil, and argan oil. It’s because they are non-greasy, lightweight, and highly effective in protecting and moisturising your beard.

Now comes beard balm, it provides additional moisture and helps style your beard. It’s especially useful in winter for taming frizz and keeping your beard looking neat.

Balm having natural ingredients such as shea butter, beeswax, and essential oils offers good nourishment to your beard.

We have the best options for your beard care in winter. Our Uppercut Deluxe Beard Oil absorbs quickly, provides deep conditioning, and leaves a subtle, pleasant scent. Additionally, you can also try out our Proraso Beard Oil for a refreshing and vibrant feel.

4. Get Regular Winter Trimming

Winter can be tough on your beard. The cold air sucks out moisture, making it dry, itchy, and prone to split ends. That’s why regular trims are extra important during this season.

Regular trims are like haircuts for your beard. They get rid of those messy bits and split ends to keep your beard healthy and looking sharp. So, must trim your beard every 2-3 weeks to keep it looking tidy and maintain its shape. After trimming, use our Shaving Glide which is perfect for getting a clean, smooth trim, even in tough winter conditions.

And you know what’s good about trimming; it helps your beard grow thicker and fuller in the long run! By getting rid of split ends, you encourage new hair growth at the healthy part of the hair follicle.

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5. Dry it Carefully

Avoid rough towel rub. Drying your beard vigorously can be satisfying but it can actually damage the hair and make it frizzy.  Instead, be gentle.  Get a microfiber towel and lightly pat your beard dry.

To keep your beard looking its best, apply our American Crew Beard Serum after drying. This serum helps in sealing moisture and adds a healthy shine to your beard.

6. Protect Your Beard from Harsh Weather

Cover your beard with a scarf or balaclava when you’re outside to protect it from cold winds and harsh weather. This helps retain moisture and prevent damage. Additionally, consider protecting your beard by applying a nourishing beard oil before heading out. For this, our Proraso Beard Oil Cypress & Vetyver is an excellent choice as it provides a strong layer of protection against harsh elements while offering a fresh, earthy scent.

Additionally, minimise the time your beard is exposed to the cold. If you’re outside for extended periods, take breaks to warm up indoors and reapply protective products as needed.

7. Don’t Skip Brushing / Combing

Brushing your beard is like combing your hair but for your face. It helps keep your beard clean, healthy, and looking sharp, especially during the winter.

Here’s how to brush your beard:

  • Get a beard brush with boar bristles. These bristles are firm enough to style your beard, but soft enough to feel good on your skin.
  • Brush your beard in a downward motion, from the cheeks down to the chin. This will help spread any beard oil or balm you’re using evenly throughout your beard.
  • If you’re using beard balm, give your beard another brush after applying it to help style and shape it the way you want.

DIY Beard Care for Winter

Here’s how to keep your beard awesome through the cold with some simple DIY magic:

  • Homemade Beard Oil

Jojoba oil and argan oil are your best friends here. Mix them together; it becomes a perfect base that mimics your beard’s natural oils that keep it soft and healthy. You can also add a few drops of tea tree or lavender oil for a germ-fighting power and a soothing scent.

  • DIY Beard Balm

Shea butter and coconut oil are like a winter wonderland for your beard, packing in major moisture. Here’s the best part: you can melt some beeswax with these two and create a balm that stays put all day long. Don’t forget a drop or two of your favourite essential oil for a manly (but not overpowering) scent.

  • Natural Conditioners

If you’re looking for a quick fix, grab some aloe vera gel or coconut oil. These natural conditioners are perfect for a post-shower beard pick-me-up, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

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FAQs about Beard Care During Winter

How to care for my beard in winter?

  • Avoid hot showers as they dry out your beard.
  • Use beard oil with jojoba or argan oil to keep it moisturized.
  • Mix your oil with a few drops of tea tree or lavender oil for a nice scent.
  • Keep your beard soft with a leave-in conditioner like aloe vera gel or coconut oil.
  • Use a beard balm with shea butter for extra protection in winter.

How do I keep my beard from freezing?

The best products for winter beard care are those that provide moisture and protection to your beard. Get beard oils having nourishing ingredients like argan oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. Additionally, beard balms with shea butter can offer additional hold and moisture.

What is the best shampoo for my beard?

Use a gentle, sulphate-free beard shampoo for your beard care in winter. It’s because regular hair shampoo can be too harsh and strip your beard of natural oils.

How to deal with beard dandruff in winter?

Beard dandruff often happens because of dry skin and dead skin cells. The cold, dry winter air can make it worse. Keep your beard and the skin under it well-moisturized. Use a gentle beard shampoo and regularly exfoliate the skin under your beard. Beard oils with tea tree oil, which fights fungi, can help. If needed, use a dandruff shampoo once a week.